About the artist

Jeremy Cline is an artist who works in multiple media, including blown glass and paint.

A native of Southern California, Cline began working with glass in 1987. He attended California College of Arts and Crafts and Pilchuck Glass School, then moved to Murano, Italy to apprentice with master glass artist Pino Signoretto in 1991. This was a turning point in Jeremy’s career, whereby he attained proficiency in Venetian glass working techniques.

Returning from Italy in 1992, Cline opened his studio, Incline Glass, in San Francisco, California. In addition to creating his own works, the studio produced a wide variety of commissioned pieces for other artists and designers, including custom lighting installations, solid sculptures, and industry prototypes. After 20 years of working exclusively in glass, he expanded his art to encompass painted canvas and three-dimensional installation.

Cline’s abstract paintings evoke landscapes and natural forms. His glass work examines the vessel as an art form, taking cues from the glass itself to capture the dynamic fluidity of its molten state.